Saturday, June 14, 2014


Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, Avaya IP Office 500 has great features to allow employees to communicate better and more profitably with customers, suppliers and colleagues. With the combination of advanced features and professional and intuitive use of the options to use and manage, Avaya IP Office 500 enables small and medium-sized businesses to use communications as a way to stand out from the competition.
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Features and Benefits
Reduce costs associated with international calls and calls to mobile phones
Avaya IP Office 500 allows you to reduce the costs associated with international calls and calls to mobile phones, thanks to the routing internal calls and the use of broadband connections.

By exploiting the concept of "resilience", Avaya IP Office 500 is able to ensure the continuity of services in all circumstances. In case of malfunction or power outage, IP phones auto registration on another IP Office system on the network, even if placed in another location. In this way, employees can continue to use all the functions of communication without any interruption.

Conference calls at no cost
Avaya IP Office 500 provides virtual rooms to handle conferences of up to 2 x 64 participants allowing a connection between the people in a very simple and economical.

Centralized Administration
Avaya IP Office 500 enables the management and remote administration from a single location, eliminating the need for the presence of an administrator at each site. In addition, thanks to the integrated diagnostic functions, Avaya IP Office 500 is able to identify potential problems before they cause an outage or business.

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